Java Development On PDAs: Building Applications For Pocket PC And Palm Devices

  • Cover Java Development On PDAs: Building Applications For Pocket PC And Palm Devices
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Java Development On PDAs: Building Applications For Pocket PC And Palm Devices  
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With the release of Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) running on a compact version of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Sun Microsystems opens Java to the rapidly expanding Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) market. This comprehensive tutorial and reference provides an in-depth look at developing PDA software with J2ME, covering both Palm and PocketPC. Succinct and practical, Java? Development on PDAs focuses on real-world programming tasks with extensive code examples and a full-scale PDA application for an enterprise environment. This book describes the J2ME platform and the KVM and discusses design issues specific to constrained resource devices. It also provides in-depth coverage of networking and Internet access, the user interface, data storage, and integrating PDAs into the corporation. You will find such specific topics as: J2ME configurations CLDC and CDC profiles Selecting a PDA for development The J2ME wireless toolkit Designing for constrained computational capability Designing for constrained screen and memory size User interfaces in PersonalJava Storing information using MIDP The RMS APIs The generic connection framework Internet access from the Palm Networking on the PocketPC Web service access from the Palm PocketPC ImageViewer Java? Development on PDAs concludes with a look into the future of PDA technology and the expanding role of these devices in the enterprise. Written for anyone with a basic knowledge of Java, this important resource is a must for all those interested in the Palm and PocketPC markets. Written for programmers familiar with Java, this guide outlines the process of developing personal digital assistant software with Java 2 micro edition and PersonalJava. The author describes the main classes available in the MIC profile for creating a user interface for Palm OS applications, the networking APIs provided in the generic connection framework, and web services for integrating with the enterprise. Annotation ?2003 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR Table of Contents Preface Ch. 1 Java 2, Micro Edition: Configurations, Profiles, and Virtual Machines 1 Ch. 2 Which PDA? 15 Ch. 3 Setting Up the Development Environment 23 Ch. 4 Things to Think About When Designing for Small Devices 37 Ch. 5 The Use Interface 45 Ch. 6 Storing Information 93 Ch. 7 Networking 127 Ch. 8 Integrating with the Enterprise Using Web Services 151 Ch. 9 Futures 205 App. A Packages in CLDC 207 App. B Extensions of CLDC Provided by MIDP 211 App. C Jeode-D Properties 215 App. D Jeode-X Options 221 App. E JDK 1.1.8 Demonstrations on PersonalJava 1.2 225 Index 229

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