The Academy: The Beginning of a Tale

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The Academy: The Beginning of a Tale  
Tanggal terbit
Juni - 2016
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250 gr
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Soft Cover
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Indonesia ··
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Stok Tersedia.

Families and feuds. Bad-bloods and age-old hatred. Friends and foes masked with facades of their own, the truth blanketed over words and smiles. The Academy has it all.

But between rising conflicts, lies and tension thick in the air, emerges a more deadly game of chess. The one pulling the strings has yet to be discovered and meanwhile, the girl of shadows and thorns lurks in the darkness of the Academy halls, collecting the pawns and pieces at play and setting motion to the falling dominoes promising pure, unparalleled chaos like no other.

The risks are high; the secrets will come to light… and safety?

Well, safety is merely an illusion.

This is, after all, the beginning of a tale…

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